Dear Young Scientists and Researchers,

At Doga Schools, we guide our students along scientific research projects duringtheir high school years, so they can participate in at least one national or internationalproject before graduation. We believe that this allows them to produce scientificknowledge at a young age, enabling them to keep abreast with the dynamics of ourfast changing times.

During the current academic year, Doğa students produced 4500 scientific researchprojects and had the opportunity to share them through various national andinternational platforms. Through the II. International Doga BAP Conference, we aim to enable ourstudents to exhibit their scientific projects by bringing together scientists and studentsworking in the fields of science and social sciences, to provide relevant informationfor interaction with related disciplines, to contribute to the training of young scientistsand to attract the attention of the scientific world.

The project reports and summaries submitted to the congress will be evaluated by the scientific board; all projects that are considered suitable will be accepted. Oral or poster presentations will be presented in Turkish and English language at the congress. Within the scope of congress, papers in the fields of Biology, Biology DNA Articles, Chemistry, Geography, History, Information Technology, Literature, Mathematics, Philosophy, Physics, Physics CERN-BL4S, Psychology, t-MBA (MBA for teenagers) will be accepted.

The projects presented in the congress will be published in the e-book of abstracts with an assigned ISBN number after the congress.

We look forward to seeing you at the II. International Doga BAP Student Conference 2021.

Best regards, 
The Organisation Committee 

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Date and venue of the conference:  

Conference Dates:

22nd May 2021 Saturday

29th Mayıs 2021 Saturday

Deadline for the abstracts submission: 29nd March 2021 – 2nd May 2021

Notification of abstract acceptance: 7th May 2021

Announcement of session dates and times: 17-21 May 2021