As Doğa Schools, our students produce scientific research projects during high school years. Each student participates in at least one national or international project competition before graduating and produces scientific knowledge and technology at a young age.

In the last 3 years, our students have produced 4,500 scientific research projects and enjoyed the opportunity to share them on various platforms, achieving many national and international achievements.

With the International Doğa BAP Student Conference, our aim is to enable our students to exhibit their science projects, to bring together scientists and students working in the fields of science and social sciences to interact with information related disciplines, to contribute to the upbringing of young scientists and to attract the attention of the scientific world.

The project report and summary submitted to the conference will be evaluated by the scientific committee and appropriate projects will be accepted. At the International Doğa BAP Student Conference, which will take place online, oral or poster presentations can be made in Turkish and English via video conferencing application.

Online poster presentations can be prepared in PDF, JPEG or Glogster format and 3-minute audio or video recordings in flv format can be added to poster presentations.

The following subjects fall within the scope of the conference: Information Technology, Biology, Geography, Philosophy, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Sociology/Psychology, History, t-MBA (MBA for young people), Turkish Language and Literature. Papers written about a total of 66 thematic areas will be accepted. Projects participating in the conference will be published in the electronic proceedings book with an ISBN number after the conference.

Doğa Schools, which organises the International Doğa BAP Student Conference, will host high school students, academics, education experts, teachers, graduate students, and representatives working internationally or nationally in the field of education.

We would be very happy to be able to welcome you to the International Doğa Scientific Research Projects Student Conference, which will be held on the 9th April 2023.

High school students can also participate in the conference as spectators. For detailed information about the International Doğa BAP Student Conference, please visit

Conference dates: Saturday, 29th April 2023

Conference application period: 20th March 2023 – 14th April 2023

Selection of conference participants and sending of invitation letters to the Conference: 14th April 2023

Announcement of the Conference program on the website: 25th April 2022